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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Genetic Strains

Angels & Demons is my favourite Dan Brown book. Its on TV right now. I decide to make an experience of it for Junior. He likes puzzles. 

An hour into the movie, as Langdon rushes from one church to another, failing to stop the Illuminati in their murderous quest, Junior asks 'Mom, why doesn't he go to the one after the next one to get the guy'.

I, who have been answering all his queries on Christianity, papal culture, the study of symbols so far in particularly impressive fashion finally decide to ignore this silly one, assuming its just a conversation filler.

I am wrong. It tells me he has understood the movie and all its intellectual worth. I catch him mumbling to himself "matlab, all they needed was the raftaar of Bahattar Singh (Akshay Kumar of Khiladi 786 fame) na .. faltu ka so much theory..."

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gandhigiri, Guilt & Gobsmacked !

We had a serious conversation today on “gandhigiri”. It was in the context of an essay Ishu had to write for school – My Favourite Leader and, relevant, because he had just seen a blatant display of it by me.

The Conversation :

Chotu, slightly irritated (he hates people taking advantage of me and unfortunately, all my men , of all sizes, think that’s happening all the time ..guys, give me a break..do I look anything like a damsel in distress) : Why did u do what u just did?

Me, pretending to not understand, knowing that I’m in for the long haul on this one : “What baby…”

“When u know someone is not behaving right with you, why do u have to act like super mommy?”

Me, still not willing to hand it to him in a platter, “Hain, U haven’t been behaving right with me? Why?”

“Mom…Stop acting..stop treating me like a 10 yr old (by the way, he is a 10 yr old)..i know when u say things and, are thinking something else”

By now, I’m slightly wary of the path this discussion is seemingly taking and I look at him and in an extremely “brace urself child..this is ur God speaking mode” : “Baby this is gandhigiri”

He looks bored : “ ya I know ..i saw munnabhai…but what is gandhigiri ?”

“When someone does something to hurt u or against u, u do something that makes them regret it, feel bad about it and, hopefully not do it again”

Chotu : “Ya like that fight I had on the field yesterday…I’m sure Adi feels bad and there is no way he’s gonna repeat it”

Me, absently : “Going to not gonna…baby we’re studying for an English test..do u mind? And, No, Gandhiji was anti violence so no fighting and hitting.”

Chotu, after some serious biting of the lip and a twinkle later : “Got it….u make the other person feel guilty…mean mean mommy J

Me, glad that this bulb is finally working and, happy that I am the reason he is lit up : “Great..yeah…guilty…u feel good, the other person feels screwed up and balance is restored…tan tana..”

“Mom, yes and not yeah, bad and not that word u don’t want me to say. Mommy, we’re studying for an English test..how could u??”

I’m looking slightly sheepish but I turn my nose up a little and give him the dirty mommy look, the one that doesn’t bother him one bit.

“Mom, so u mean to say, the English went back to England because we made them feel guilty?

That sounds unreal.

And then, why is Anna Hazare called Gandhi ?
Because the government is not feeling guilty and, they’ve just made a “strategic retreat”..dad says that.
While we are at it mom, whats “strategic retreat” ??"

Thats, when, I decide, to show him, rather than talk him, through it. I walk out.... with a lot of commas...hmmph !

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Teaser, Resumption & Short Stuff ...

The last time I came here it was 2009 ..and today, I for the life of me can't figure out how I left :) ...

the stories make me smile because they tell the tale of a boy growing up really fast and his surroundings trying hard to keep up with him. Decided to reactivate both my blogs today ..

so here I am... I have many stories to tell ..a lot has happened in the last 2 years..

for now its suffice to say that the entrepreneurial spirit runs deep in the family and rages wild in the blood...

As of the last few weeks, my boy has become the cycle mechanic of the society and we are damn damn proud of him :)....

will come back and do this teaser justice in detail tonight..till then...relive the ones before this ..we will resume business post working hours :)
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Nimbu Paani

Just to jump to the most crucial conversation I have had with my son in all these years of non stop entertainment…

As we settle down @ 56 (that’s an Italian restaurant in Gurgaon by the way) and munch our way through the amazing garlic toasties…..I shrewdly bring forth the topic…THE decision of our lives…although, it’s a bit early, to put it mildly..

“So, betu, have u decided? What are u gonna become in life?”

A very serious pause…I would have said pregnant but after serving the most clichéd question to my 8 yr old sweetheart I was avoiding clichés u see…

“Mom I’m going to sell nimbu paani….”

Ah…ah…ah…wellll ..good good (modern open mom…yummy I say!)

“And, why do u want to sell nimbu paani baby?”

“I don’t like what these CEOs do…I don’t want to become a CEO…”

Okkkkkk…so what don’t u like Ishu??”

“Mom, I’ll become a big director/producer..people will line up to take my sign..they’ll come from far…I don’t like this crowd business….”

Hmmm…biiig problem!

“I just want to be close to as many animals as I can and, make the environment around me happy.”

“And, how will selling nimbu paani help u do that?”

“Are mom…I will lead a simple life….all animals..all human beings feel thirsty…I will give them nimbu paani..and make them happy.”

I try not to react..and sort of take a tumble….

“Betu you could always try becoming a National Geographic photographer…..”

He looks at me, smiles an indulgent smile and says…

“yup… ofcourse…although, tum jaanti ho main kitna focused hoon….”

I wish I could get his serious face in print for u…and the thoughtfulness in his eyes…

I see a lot of myself in him at times…I don’t know if that’s good or bad…

I don’t want him to worry so much about the good of others…..he should just be happy with himself.

He tells me that is what he is gunning for….and the way to that is thru nimbu paani…haha…well, good for him…

Last I heard, my naani…his badi naani was explaining to him how he could open a company for himself, the coke way and sell nimbu paani.

And when his dad took great offence to the fact that he was having Nimbooz at 10 in the night, he very sweetly informed him

“Just checking out the competition dad”

Badi Naani pleased she had averted the disaster of the century, Dad happy his sonny boy was getting into general management so early…..

Hahhaha….the security we derive from the big and organized…complete lack of entrepreneurship I say…

Go baby.. open ur nimbu paani stall…if that is what makes u happy…


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Monday, November 24, 2008

What Are U Going To B When U Grow Up Dad ??

I had sort of got waylaid by a momentous writer’s bloc..think I’m over it now.

There has been lots happening on the Ishu-Mommy front. But, todays anecdote is about Ishu and Daddu.

Winter is here and, with it, has brought the usual coughs and colds. Ishu has been unwell for the last few days.

M, jumped on the opportunity and promptly took the day off to be with him.
This, while the hard nosed career mom took off for office in her ambitious avataar.
So, when this hard nosed career mom reached office, she had given herself enough guilt pills to finish of all do or die mails (hehe) in straight 60 mins.
By 11.30 am she set off for home, to give the ill son (oh baby) and the jubiliant dad (hmmphh) the surprise of their lives.
This is what she found….both of them still under the morning covers…with no intent of getting up and about.

And, this….

“Ishu what do u want to be when you grow up?”

“Daddddddddu, I am grown up”

“Haaaaaan beta, when you grow upto work..what do you want to do?”

I know, left to his devices, Ishu would have wanted to say Goku of DragonballZ fame.

However, since it was daddy who was asking, he made an attempt to think seriously about it..basically, about what M would love to hear from his most amazing son and, came up with….”daddu main subway ka…………”

“Haan beta bolo kya..subway ka CEO, Dell ka CEO, Pepsi ka CEO..CEO banogey Ishu, CEO?”

I was having a difficult time not reacting to such aggressive ambition and that too, vicarious in intent. M and I have very different parenting styles and had I not been in hiding, I can promise you this conversation would have died a very high decibel end.

Unfortunately, I was in hiding. Hoping that my tender hearted son would not get thwarted by such a naked display of histronics by his much emulated dad. Hmmmmph!

But, what do they say about my son being a mirror of me…

Ishu looked his father in the eye….smiled a wicked twinkle and said…”CEO…nah Dad..Customer..subway ka customer..”

Times are going to be very interesting indeed.


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Tuesday, September 2, 2008


I haven't written for so long....

Ishu has his
own blog now..can u believe it!!!

I'm really struggling for time right now...will come for the stories soon...



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Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Back

Ishu is back. All bundle of energy, wicked smiles and a to die for glint in the eyes…

My dad seems to have done a great job of teaching him the full year’s syllabus in flat 2 months…takes a load of my mind actually…now I can concentrate on just having fun with him.

And, under the maternally abled guidance of my mom, he has put on a few more baby pounds….looks absolutely adorable…the first time he came back from a 2 month vacation afew years back and we saw what my Mom had created, we got really psyched. But over the years, we’ve seen that the pounds go off in 15 days without nani’s love and care. So I’m just enjoying a more cuddly bundle right now.

Apart from that, hes fast acquiring an intelligent wit and of course his mom’s legendary charm (hehehe..what do I do, no one complements me..I make do with myself).

Hes also giving me lines like “its my life, I like it, I want to do it this way”…phew tough 15 yrs ahead I guess…..

I can see M trying to reinvent himself, trying to keep pace with the demands of a fast growing alternate male influence in the family.

I’m just doing what I do best….loving and growing with Ishu at any pace he chooses to set….

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